Enable EndNote X6 in Microsoft Word 2011 for Mac

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EndNote is probably the most sophisticated referencing product available today. It can perform a wide range of referencing tasks, and there are extensive possibilities for the advanced user to customise the software to individual needs.

With EndNote software, you can create a personalised database of references. You can enter references yourself or import them from a database. You can then create a bibliography for your thesis, assignment or journal article in the citation style you require.

This tutorial will show how to enable EndNote X6 in Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac.

1. Install EndNote X6 and Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac

2. Make sure Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac applications (Word/Excel/PowerPoint) and EndNote are closed

3. Go to the folder Applications > EndNote X6 > Cite While You Write

4. Right click on the “EndNote CWYW Word 2011.bundle” file, and then click the Copy option

5. Go to the folder Applications > Microsoft Office 2011 > Office > Startup > Word

6. Right click on the folder and then Paste

7. Open Microsoft Word

8. In the top left of the screen click the Word menu, then click Preferences

9. Click on the File Locations

10. Click on the Startup under File Types and then click Modify button

11. Browse to the folder Applications > Microsoft Office 2011 > Office > Startup > Word and click Choose button

12. Click OK

13. Quit Microsoft Word by push ⌘ Command + Q on the keyboard

14. Open EndNote X6 and then open Microsoft Word applications

15. EndNote X6 option should be under the Tools menu

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